Hey everyone!

Donating is voluntary but it is important for the servers life. If you can't donate, we respect you and you  should not feel forced but a donation is important for the servers life.

The objects you buy you will get on InfinityPvP Factions. If the server expands you will receive the rank you purchased on all servers*. This is also eligble for Discord (with manual rank-system)

*If it is noted that the rank is only for a specific part of the server, you will not receive it somewhere else than mentioned.

All ranks are permanent if not something else is mentioned.

Why donate:

  • You help the server remain.
  • You help the server 
  • You will be rewarded with benefits and fun things.
  • You show estimate.


If you got any questions, please ask our staff at https://discord.gg/kuzEY9 where you get in touch with us easiest

We monitor the server the server all time so if it becomes any error with your donation we will help you directly. 


We hope you have an amazing day and that you find the right rank ;)